Technical Diving Items

The Mares XR range is a complete line of products and accessories dedicated to a more “demanding and rewarding” kind of diving. Allowing Mares divers to move towards a ‘heightened’ experience in diving, such as diving deeper, staying longer, exploring wrecks, or overhead environments. The XR Extended Range line of products has everything it takes to meet these exciting challenges. The products are constructed of the highest quality that has always been characterized with Mares, assuring the diver of unparalleled reliability, which is paramount for the more demanding situations. The approach to building these qualities required us to study the creation of equipment from scratch. Every item necessary for a dive has been reconsidered and redesigned for this area of diving. Mares dedicated a team of professional trainers and divers from every part of the world, each within their area of specific expertise in technical diving, in different environments with distinct characteristics to bring together the XR range. This has allowed us to commit particular attention to the needs faced by a very diverse dive experience, particularly when specialized equipment and more commitment are required.