BCD HYBRID MRS+ she dives

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Customer Notice:

The risk of Scuba Diving without professional training can result in severe injury or death. To ensure the safety of our customers, we require proof of a valid certification from an internationally recognised training agency, or intent to undertake a professional training program prior to us fulfilling an order with this product.



• Special cut dedicated to the female body
• Seamless shoulder straps for unprecedented comfort
• MRS+ weight integration and BPI Trim Weights

What do you get when you combine a special cut dedicated to the female body, seamless shoulder straps detachable from the aircell, soft yet durable materials and overall light weight? The ideal buoyancy compensator for female divers! Add exclusive styling, Trim Weight pouches integrated in the back pack and the MRS+ weight integration system and you are one step away from becoming a mermaid!
Product Details
Code: 417346
Sizes: XXS/XS/S/M/L
Material: Cordura 420
Rings: Alluminium (7)
Weight: 3.7Kg