Insole for Fins

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and would like to wear thinner or thicker boots, but dont want the expense of investing in a whole new set of fins in a different size, well the Mares Razor Fin Insole is what youre looking for. These preformed insoles can make a Razor foot pocket one-size smaller. Use scissors to cut along the lines provided on the rear side of the insole. The insoles length can be adjusted to three different sizes. The Mares Razor Fin Insole are ideal for women who have trouble finding smaller sizes of fins or for people who want to use the same Razor Foot Pocket with boots of different thicknesses. Insoles are made of non-corrosive plastic, and are sold in pairs.

Mares Razor Fin Insole Features

  • Mares Razor Fin Insole
  • Preformed Insole: Makes Razor Foot Pocket One-Size Smaller
  • Easily Adjust Sizes with Scissors
  • Cut-Along Lines Provided on Rear-Side of Insole for Custom Fit
  • Ideal for Women with Smaller Feet
  • Use Same Razor Foot Pocket with Boots of Different-Thicknesses
  • Non-Corrosive Plastic Construction