🤿 MARES Rover Snorkel Set 🤿

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🤿 Rover Mask/Snorkel 🤿

👉🏻 Integrated buckles
👉🏻 A wider range of fitting
👉🏻 Sturdy and durable construction
👉🏻 Silicone skirt

✅ Specifications & Features ✅

👉🏻 Weight: 183g

👉🏻 Tempered safety glass lens

👉🏻 Regular fitting
👉🏻 Transparent lens finish
👉🏻 Black/white color
👉🏻 Black skirt color
👉🏻 Recommended for snorkeling and SCUBA
👉🏻 Unisex
👉🏻 Suitable for all ages

🤿 X-One Fin Set 🤿

The Mares X-One Fins are a short, dual material style snorkeling fin designed from the top-of-the-range SCUBA diving fin the X-Stream. The riddled foot pocket prevents the parachute effect while swimming for an efficient short fin.
Dual Material Blade channels the water better to push you through the water faster with less effort so you can move through the water faster without tiring your leg muscles. The mesh foot pocket allows for quick draining and reduces the parachuting effect of water collecting in the pocket whilst swimming.

Buckle Free Heel reduces weight and complications with a simple stretchy heel strap similar to SCUBA diving fins that will accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. 



📦 Package Includes 📦

👉🏻 Rover Mask

👉🏻 Rover Snorkel
👉🏻 X-One Fin Set

👉🏻 Travel Bag

Mares Snorkel Set has the official manufacturer's warranty. Buying in our online dive store, your Mares Snorkel Set will be shipped within 48 hours.