Mask I3

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Mares I3 Dive Mask

Mares’ I3 offers a huge field of vision, with a wide central glass and small panels for incredible peripheral vision on either side! The Tri-Comfort skirt contains small ribs which reduce pressure and increase the dive mask’s comfort- perfect for long dives!

i3 scuba mask combines the advantages of the Tri-comfort technology with a huge field of vision. In addition to the wide central glass, smaller panels on each side guarantee peripheral vision that will blow you away. The ergonomic 2-button buckles allow for easy and secure adjustment of the strap even when diving with thick gloves.

  • Tri-comfort silicone skirt
  • X-Shaped silicone strap
  • Quick-adjusting buckles
  • Great Peripheral Vision
  • Small ribs around nose to relieve pressure