Regulator ABYSS 52X

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Customer Notice:

The risk of Scuba Diving without professional training can result in severe injury or death. To ensure the safety of our customers, we require proof of a valid certification from an internationally recognised training agency, or intent to undertake a professional training program prior to us fulfilling an order with this product.



The Mares Abyss 52X is an all metal regulator ideal for the most challenging dive environments. Compact and equipped with a Superflex hose, the Abyss 52X provides maximum comfort and easy breathing.

The Mares Abyss 52X regulator is the ideal cold water regulator. With an all metal design from the first stage to the cover on the second stage, this regulator has high thermal conductivity making it a durable cold water regulator. The metal design also reduces that dry mouth feeling when diving. With a first stage design that allows water to flow across the first stage and a mesh cover on the second stage, the Abyss 52X is constructed to eliminate free flows in cold water conditions. Available in both DIN and Yoke first stages, the Abyss 52X Regulator is the perfect regulator for any diver in any environment.

Key Features

  • Built with a superflex hose which is lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort
  • Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) for better stabilization of the intermediate pressure even in extreme conditions
  • Metal construction for better heat transfer in cold water diving
  • Natural Convection Channel (NCC) design to create a flow of water across the regulator second stage to avoid freeze ups

First Stage

  • Constructed of compact metal material
  • ACT (Advanced Coating Technology) valve for improved durability
  • Dual DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) ports for a more flexibility in configuration

Second Stage

  • Metal on the front cover makes breathing in cold water easier and reduces that dry mouth feeling.
  • A mesh grid reduces the impact of water flow on the diaphragm eliminating free flows even in a strong current.

Technical Specifications

First stage Balanced diaphragm design
First stage material Metal
First stage ports 2 HP/ 4LP  pre-oriented ports
Environment kit available Yes. Optional oil cold water kit
VAD system  Built with a vortex assisted design which allows for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths
Second stage material Nickel and chrome-plated brass
Special features Full metal system reduces dry mouth and provides greater heat transfer in cold water environments
Service Interval 2 year/200 dives