Torch EOS 15rz

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  • Locking on/off switch
  • Adjustable beam angle 12-75 degree
  • Adjustable power output high/low/SOS
  • 1504 lumens
  • 125min burn time

The EOS 5Rz torch is a decent size and powerful waterproof torch with a rechargeable battery and adjustable beam angle. With an adjustable beam angle you can change the Torch from a spotlight to a wide angle floodlight. The rechargeable battery and adjustable power setting and beam angle make this one torch that has a range of uses..... One torch, multiple functions: twist the head of the Torch in the water and you can adjust the beam angle from a tight 2 degree spot light to focus all it's power into a small area. Turn it the other way and the light will spread out into a wide 75 degree smooth beam which is great for pictures, video and illuminating a scene..... The switch Cycles through high/ low/ SOS strobe with a max power output of 504 lumens. Inside you have a removable and rechargeable Li-ion battery that you can charge from inside the Torch by a USB cable.