Wetsuit REEF 3 She Dives SMU

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The suit is designed to be as practical as possible with an ergonomic design on the comfortable velcro closure which also comes with a back zip puller to make donning and doffing the suit as easy as possible. The wrist, ankle and neck seals are all enriched with Aquastop finish to stop too much water getting in to these key areas to help keep you as warm as possible.

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable - The 3mm neoprene composition is designed to be as comfortable as possible while offering a great range of movement.
  • Durable - The neoprene material is also very durable while the suit also comes with a shoulder grip area to help reduce wear in that key area.
  • Stylish - The modern and stylish design will help you stand out from the crowd when wearing the suit.
  • Perfect for Warm Waters - With a 3mm neoprene thickness this suit is at home in warmer waters and will give great warmth and protection.
  • Easy Donning and Doffing - The suit has an ergonomically designed comfortable velcro closure which also comes with a back zipper to make putting it on and taking it off as easy as possible.
  • Can be used for Watersports - The suit is also very adaptable and its flexible nature makes it perfect for a wide variety of watersports.